The day this photograph was taken was just one of those days that happen when you're travelling and far from home. Early in the morning, my guide and I drove out into the dunes to look for locations to shoot. After some over-exuberant dune bashing, my guide took us over a sand ridge too fast and there was actually nothing below us for a couple of meters. Bouncing to a stop, the Landcruiser was well and truly wedged in the sand and we spent the next two hours digging ourselves out with the help of some resourceful Moroccan locals. We finally made it out of the dunes and ventured off to explore the desert as planned. Later that day, on the insistence of my guide, we took a particularly rough road and proceeded to get a puncture! Again, baked by the 45 degree sun, we fixed the tyre and trudged off back to the hotel on the edge of the dunes to regroup. Fortunately, we pushed our luck later and found this beautiful sand formation which made the frustrations of the day all worth while _ Proof that persistence pays and that elusive images are often the most gratifying to finally capture.

All Brook Rushton works are printed on Hahnemuhle Ultra Smooth Photo Rag 308gsm Fine Art Paper. By request, we also use Centurion Metallic stock for a shimmering 3D effect, ideal for Face Mounting.

We print to the highest possible standards with impeccable archival image quality. Our expert framing maintains the same quality, using only the best available materials.

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